Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slimming Pants: 3 Main Criteria and 10 Important Features

If you want to look slim in an instant which you no need to practice any strict diets and strenuous exercises, then you should look for slimming pants. Slimming pants will ensure your body figure look more attractive and slimmer at whatever age or shape that you have. Slimming pants can be found many in the market, you may purchase it at fitness outlets or you can even get it online. There are many reliable online stores that offered slimming pants, like Amazon and e-bay. They are variety choices of slimming pants you can get there like JML slimming pants and Beutycode slimming pants. These two has been received the great response from the market. However the best slimming pants that you purchased should fulfill the 3 main criteria as below, which the pants should be:

1. Pricing affordable which not expensive but competitive enough comparing with other in the market. Basically slimming pants offered with price range from $25 to $60. Some charged higher caused connected with tunic slimming body suit.
2. Sustainable with the materials offered are good, lasting, washable, comfort and look stylish.
3. Effective in use which must help in weight loss or at least helps in re-shaping your body.

Slimming pants can use for men and women. However, slimming pants for women are much more complicated and variety comparing for men. Slimming pants for women are decorated and designed beautifully besides smooth away their tummy and buttocks. Basically slimming pants can be divided by length, materials for making the pants and details of the design like inserting L-shape pocket on slimming pants. Most of the slimming pants in the market are in size of 8 to 18. Any how, before you purchase for slimming pants, below are 10 important features that you should pay attention:

1. The pants should featuring comfort-fit waist and slim the shape for the appearance for instant inches loss.

2. The pants should offered contoured fir and belt loops which help in smoothing and flattening tummy bulges. The pants also should enabling users breath smoothly without any difficulties.

3. The pants should provides no-waist solution waist band which will creates a narrower waist without any tummy "overspill"

4. The pants should make by quality fabric materials with at least over 90 percent cotton, the rest of the part made by spandex. Any how some slimming pants are100 percent cotton depends on their prices, design and functions. Some two way stretch fabric optimizes the effort for instant slimming like JML slimming pants and beautycode slimming pants.

5. The pants should contain hidden size zipper for helps in changing.

6. The pants must managed to slim leg and thigh pants sit slightly below waist by delivering superior stretch with side back elastic that easy for movement.

7. The pants normally from sizes 8 to18, in regular and short lengths (slimming shorts) or combine with slimming garments (high waist slimming pants)

8. The pants can look remarkable with regular pattern every day, like insert sleek pockets at the back of the pants. Any how, most of the slimming pants are pocket less.

9. The pants better if free of hemming without the bottom edge of a garment, folded under and stitched down.

10. The pants must be washable which means it will recover their shape perfectly after each wash. Besides, it must be available for wash in washing machine.

In lieu with features and criteria concerned as mentioned above about slimming pants, what I suggest is surveying around before you make your first purchase. Slimming pants for women and guys definitely differ in terms of quality and functions. What you should survey is on their pricing and quality. JML slimming pants and beautycode slimming pants might be your option but there are many more slimming pants for your choice. By the way, you should encourage yourself for investing in this slimming tools as for pursuing a better body figure for yourself, it is not expensive enough.

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