Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weight loss with Slimming Pants

Yesterday I was just pass by a fitness shop and at one glance, I saw three types of slimming pants displayed in front of me. The pants looks cool cause it has been designed by different fabrics with different design, all are very presentable and attractive. I've spent half an hour time inspecting these pants and it caused the sales assistant come and approach me to buy. But once she started chit chat with me then, i only realized that beside slimming pants, there were many other slimming garments like slimming shorts, slimming jeans, slimming underwear and slimming body suit sell in the shop. And according to the sales assistant, these suits have contributed major income for the shop daily and surprisingly these pants and suits also distributed for wholesaler for sale. These information has delighted me on the potential of this product for the existing weight loss market. Beside meal replacement product like protein shakes and diet bars, these slimming tools are found effective to use. For not disappointing the sales assistant after she has shared with me so many "in-house"stories, then i have decided to purchase a nice knee length slimming pants, made by silky nylon stretchy fabric, washable and light, which i love it so much. The pants is in black color and i already decided to wear it for my yoga practice class on that afternoon it selves. I actually have eyes on anther slimming shorts which planned to look for one for sometimes. But due to budget concern, i only managed to get one first. The plan for get one either slimming shorts or slimming jeans need to be postpone. But no matter how, the pants now already in my wardrobe and i'm sure i will get one more very soon as i love slimming and slim for life is my life philosophy.

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