Saturday, June 20, 2009

Women's Pattern Twill Ankle Slimming Pants

Twill Ankle Slimming Pants offered in two-way stretch fabric. The pants are water prove and washable, it is convenient to use and easy for sanitary. The central zip split enabling you for movement or change. This pants offered generic features like other slimming shorts or slimming underwear also, which can hide behind normal pants or tank dresses. This slimming pants unlike famous slimming pants like JML slimming pants and Beautycode slimming pants, can sustain longer period with money back guarantee.

slimming pants and slimming shorts optimizes your figure. Tha's for sure, slimming pants for women and men are the same, which exist to become their best friend. The pants sculptured unwanted fat from body like belly fat surrounded your waist for making you a brand new sexy body shape. Slimming pants also counted follow their length and coverage to body, High waist slimming pants is one of the best example.

Basically, slimming pants offered the following important features for you to look slimmer:

* Stretch fabric is instantly slimming
* No-waist waistband creates a narrower waist without any tummy "overspill"
* Hidden side zipper
* 98% cotton/2% spandex
* Free hemming slimming pants
* Fit 2: Original. Sits slightly below the waist / slim leg
* Also available in solid

It's not just our exclusive stretch fabric, but also the sleek design that makes UltraFit® slimming pants and slimming pants so slimming. The no-waist waistband creates a narrower waist without any tummy "overspill." The hidden side zipper and pocket less silhouette complete the trimming affect. Fit 2: Original; sits slightly below natural waist. 98% cotton/2% spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

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