Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Material and use for slimming pants

Slimming pants instantly make you looks thinner, better body figure, provides you smooth, toned, sexy body line that enable you to stay confidence all time! Unlike other weight training tools, slimming pants sculptured all your body trouble areas, helping you for reforming the sexy shape.

Slimming pants is a light weight undergarment with special support panels that slim your waist, flatten your tummy, firm your thighs, conceal your love handles and give extra lift and shaping to your buttocks. Special woven design for control without the lines. Non-binding, no-roll waistband. Like i said earlier, some high waist slimming pants also covered many of the body area beside around waist.

Generally the soften slimming pants or slimming shorts contained the material as per below:
Contents: 82%nylon,18%spandex

There were many slimming pants offered in the market now but basically two famous and trus able name for the slimming pants can be found as below:

1. JML Slimming Pants
2. Beautycode Slimming Pants

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